To continue, in 1975 I was granted the opportunity to pursue a position as Police Chief with the Holderness New Hampshire Police Department. I was successful in the competition and served that community until 1986. I had discovered woodworking and became so passionate about it I could not keep my focus on my civic duties. I arranged for an administrative retirement and returned to Los Angeles. I immediately set up shop

in Fullerton, Ca. and began a love affair with wood that remains as powerful today as when it began. I have built hundreds of kitchens and bathrooms. Hundreds of pieces of furniture and thousand of small projects. I am grateful to God for the opportunity he has given me to do all of this. Photographs of some of this work are imbedded in my website so please look around. There is a lot to see.

I am 77 now and not able to do some of the things I used to so I have downsized and have set up a small shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I intend to continue doing my art until I just can't do it anymore so stay tuned. You will never know what I may build next.

I'm about 14 here with my mom and 2 of my 3 sisters..

I'm 22 here with my Cousin Beth and her friend. OMG was I ever that skinny. I had just finished police training at the LA Sheriff's Academy. Must have been all that running we had to do.

Taken in 1990, I am with my spiritual advisor Chris Matchett. He died in 1995 and I really miss him.

This is me in 1975 with my mom and my three sisters Brenda, Sherrill and Joy. I was a detective at this time. Only Sherrill (in black) and I are left now.

About Me

This was taken Monday, July 6 2020. I am very proud of my Scottish heritage. I love to play my pipes for whomever will listen. Check out the Celtic pieces that I make. Just click on the Celtic Caseworks tab in the nav bar. I welcome any responses either by phone, email or facebook. God bless you all!!!

Several friends have requested that I post some facts about me on my website so I will do that here. I was born in Windsor Vermont in 1942. My dad was a guard at the Vermont State Prison where my uncle was the warden. At age 6 we moved to my grandfathers dairy farm in Colebrook, N.H. It was way out in the country just a few miles from the Canadian border. When I was 17 I decided to complete my military obligation and joined the Air Force. I was stationed first in Anchorage Alaska, then in Santa Maria, California. When I left the service I decided to live in Los Angeles. I completed police training with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept. and joined the Glendora Police Dept. in 1964. I loved law enforcement and performed my duties with a passion.