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This is the first virtual lecture of my woodworking school. I will introduce here some thoughts, some ideas and some recommendations of how to begin, grow and prosper with your woodworking shop. Remarks that you find here may not be suitable for those seeking mass productions and fortunes from woodworking. I was president and CEO of a California Woodworking Corporation for nearly 10 years and I did not like it at all. I became a human doing instead of a human being. I went from doing what I love to

to being a pawn of corporate interests. So if you want to be rich from woodworking you should go no further​ with me. My school is about developing a love for working with wood in a small shop designing and building products that make your clients so happy they will never go elsewhere when they need something nice built. Over my career of 34 years it was not until about year 15 that my woodwork was in harmony with my universe. To help you save the 15 years I wasted is the primary goal of my virtual instruction.