Native American Prayer Wall Piece

This Indian prayer was given wings by Chief Yellow Lark of the Lakota Sioux about the year 1887.

It is given voice at Tribal gatherings on a global scale. When I first heard this prayer it moved me in such a way that I felt a need to become a messenger of its spirit so I designed and built the wall piece shown here. We gave it a home on the wall of the meeting room for the Attitude Adjustment Fellowship in the North Hill Christian Church, Spokane Washington. It is viewed daily by dozens of people.

It is in seven separate figured maple planks with hook & eye connections. It is about 2 feet wide and about 5 feet long. The headboard has two gouged dishes with airborne bald eagle carvings facing each other. I have been told by many folks that have seen this that it did indeed make their spirits soar. 

Below are 4 more close up photographs so you can more easily read the prayer and view some of the detail that I fashioned into this piece. Enjoy!