This closeup shows how the post is notched on the back corner and fitted over the cabinet.

There are places that you can actually see through.

The mantle over the window in the dinette area matched the one over the cooktop.

The china hutch at the end of the island matches the kitchen motif exactly.

I used 2" thick teak for that top also.

A better look at the china base.

The dinette area with the window seat. There are 5 large storage drawers here.

The ovens collection from the foyer hallway

The baking center from the foyer hallway.

The baking center upper group.

This collection with built-in double ovens and microwave is opposite the backing center, seen in the next photo.

This is the baking center that stores all of the baking needs for the ovens across the way.

The wall behind the island is interesting. The center door opens into a walk-in pantry. The left brown door is the integrated dutch freezer. The right brown door is the integrated dutch frig. The far left white panel encloses the cook's desk. The far right door panel encloses the baking center.

Overview of the island. The top is 2" thick Burma Teak.

The island end opposite the range. Two more fruit & vegetable baskets slide out in the two openings on the right. In the background right is the baking center.

The island looking from the other way. The posts are notched and fitted over the corners by about 1/2". All the cabinet corners have a 1/4" corner bead.

The business side of the island. A dishwasher is behind the tall door.

The breakfast bar side of the island. Fruit & vegetable baskets go in the two openings in the foreground right.

This shows the detail to the left of the cooktop.

A close up of the drawer detail. These are inset but set out 1/4" to get full reveal of the corner bead drawer detail. It gives a whole different dimension to the appearance when done this way.

An up close look at the corbel and crown detail on the mantle. The corbel is the Acanthus line by Enkeboll, Los Angeles, Ca. Note the buff-thru finish detail. This means that in key places, the white finish is actually buffed away to expose the raw wood underneath. The entire project is then clear coated.

This mantel shelf is above the cook top.

The cook top nested between sentry posts.

I designed and built this kitchen for a client in Fullerton, California. It is very similar to a kitchen being built by Christians of London, Paris & New York. That angled cabinet on the corner is a dual waste rollout.

Olde English Kitchen