Dylan demonstrating his athleticism.

     I have been a patient of Dr. David’s since 1996.  I now have six of his Posturizer models.  His latest version is my favorite for my morning ritual exercise.   I would like to share with you the great benefits I have had, and still experiencing from this amazing device.  I am now a very active septuagenarian, a full time educator, grandmother, and an accomplished artist in Japanese Sumi-E painting.   The exercises and the relaxation possibilities help keep me fully mobile, pain free and confident in my physical and mental abilities. I am very partial to rocking on the Posturizer while standing, or seated, and I always sleep with one under two pillows, and I plan to continue these practices indefinitely.  They all help me remain very productive for my age.  I would, with no skepticism, recommend Dr. David’s Posturizer over any other home exercises, massage, and relaxation devices for anybody. RDL 1.21.17

     I became acquainted with Dr. David and his Posturizer about two months ago when I explained to him that my back was really stressing me out.   He asked me a few questions about my sleeping postures and I honestly told him I had very poor sleeping postures and chronic back pain, only much worse on that particular day.   We both agreed that my sleeping on my stomach could be contributing to my long term misery.  He suggested I place one of his Posturizers  under two pillows in a very specific way.   He explained that I must try this for fifteen minutes earlier in the evening before I go to sleep,  and to set a timer.  He said this taster session was very important as a first step to confirm that I was on the right track.  I have never slept better in my life, my back feels great and my wife is happy to say that I snore much less.

     If you are a poor sleeper or have back pain like I once did, the Posturizer is certainly worth trying.  This is also a good and safe place to keep a Bible, tactical flashlight, firearm, knife, cellphone or your keys and wallet while asleep, if the situation should warrant it.

Andy Filler; Firearms Specialist, Armorer, Husband, Father of 3, Landscaper, Heavy Metal Percussionist   6.11.14


3 Posturizer Pegasus configurations provide a therapeutic deep massage to the lower posterior chain of muscles, ligaments and tendons with very little effort of the user while seated.  Some describe these actions as very relaxing, others find them invigorating.  Rocking sideways also works the lateral core muscles and the entire digestive system, kidneys included.

Made in the U.S.A.

All this while safely decompressing your spine and pelvis in your home on a sofa, bed or chair working, eating, or just relaxing while operating your electronic devices.       

Place a suitable cushion or a folded pillow between your Posturizer and the chair or sofa.  This extra cushioning lessens the likelihood of crushing furniture.  Keep your Posturizer tied down with two boot laces tied together as seen above on the right, or it can fall to the floor immediately with a very loud crash after the user rises from the device.

Placing your Posturizer under your knees and lower legs while relaxing in bed provides a deep therapeutic massage to the Achilles tendons, calf muscles, and hamstrings to both legs at the same time.  This activity provides profound liberating relief after running, skiing, snowboarding, and ice hockey, shoveling snow, or from just being on your feet for a long period of time.

Casey demonstrating a Posturizer Sleep System.

All Rights Reserved 2017   David H. Pobran, D.C.,  1.23.2017


Kelsey training her abs and brushing her teeth.

    The Posturizer is used in several ways for relaxation, exercise and massage. Above is a picture of Dr. David’s 94 year old mother using it as an invigorating footrest, and as a leg extension device to help keep her ankles, knees, thighs, hips, back and core muscles strong. This practice also helps reduce the formation of blood clots.                            

Note: The Mayo Clinic recommends to Stand Smart by placing one foot on a low footstool and alternating your feet if standing for long periods to help reduce various forms of back pain.  The white Posturizer is perfect for the kitchen, ironing, hobbiests, etc.  It is easily seen and moved effortlessly with one foot.                    

The following pics and videos are of currently discontinued versions of earlier Posturizers.  The new heavier design provides all of the applications demonstrated, only much better.  I hope you enjoy the videos and pics as much as those who participated did.  A very much appreciated Thank You to Casey Pobran, 2016-2017 Mrs. Montana America, second runner up Mrs. America and her Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency, RMEA. D.P.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for U.S. and 6 weeks for Canadian deliveries

     My name is Dan Smith-Chancey. December 29, 2013 I was in a motorcycle accident. Neurologically, at this time I have about 25% function of my right leg and 75% in my left. I have metal rods and screws throughout my lower back. 2 years ago, I met Dr. David, a recruiter for a sledge hockey organization at the Frontier Ice Arena in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.   His Posturizer and his methods helped get me off the couch, playing sledge hockey, and now I am 50 pounds lighter.   The Pegasus seated postures really help reduce my back pains in 2 ways.  The spinal decompression relief is significant, but the deep massage to soften the adhesions in my hips and legs is mindblowing.  I actually enjoy hearing and feeling the adhesions getting crushed.  Spinal compression and adhesions are a part of life for most of us, eventually, and some more than others. If the Posturizer can help me with my issues, it should be able to help you with some of yours, too.  1.23.2017.

  • Weight: 5 pounds, 4 oz./2.38 kg.
  • Height: 4 ¾ in./121 mm.
  • Engineered endplates are bullnosed hard Baltic Birch 1 3/8 in./41 mm. thick with a base diameter of 12 3/8 in./314 mm.
  • Wt. capacity 10,000 pounds/4,535 Kg.
  • 2 inside arches are 4 ¼ in. / 108 mm. in dia., as are PGA golf putting holes.
  • 5 dowels are 1 ½ in. / 38 mm. thick Eastern U.S. hard Sugar Maple.
  • 10 well-hidden screws and professional glue.
  • Sherwin Williams Conversion Varnish professionally sprayed clear or white. Dried at 112 degrees F / 44 c. Please specify your preference when ordering.
  • We can also provide Posturizers that are not sanded for you to sand, paint or stain.   
  • Custom endplate engravings and dowels with colors are available upon request. Ask for pics of samples from prior custom work.
  • Quality carry bag included.

      Thank you for visiting my website and my newest Posturizer page. It pleases me to introduce Dr. David Pobran, my friend, a semi-retired chiropractor of forty years and his Posturizer tm. , that I professionally hand make for him, exclusively.  He invented this very innovative hardwood home exercise, massage and relaxation device twenty five years ago for his patients, friends and family. His several inventions have helped thousands, including himself reduce some of their misery and discomfort, and increase their functional capacities in many interesting ways.  I also assisted him in the design of his latest model and I am proud to give my approval regarding his idea, design, materials and the many applications that his latest Posturizer design is capable of providing.

      Dr. Pobran, (ret.), and or I are not responsible in any way for any injuries or damages that may result directly or indirectly, foreseen and unforeseen from this, or any other device.

     Dr. David has provided some pics, vintage videos, links and testimonials for your information and amusement. We plan to update this website page weekly.

     Before beginning this, or any other exercise device or program, consult with your health care provider.                                                                                                         

      If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

 $ 197.00 U.S., plus shipping anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

Posturizer costs, shipping included, are honored with your Flex Plan when included

with a letter from your chiropractor or medical doctor for IRS compliance.

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Dr. David’s Mom enjoying her ‘White Magic’ Posturizer