I teach woodworking in my shop. The program is project oriented so what you do is chose a project that you want to build (like a roll top desk, dining table, entertainment center, etc.)

and we start from there. I will help you with your design work and acquiring your materials

(I know where to get the good stuff and I don't mark up material prices to students). 

The next step is the plans. I will help you do your drawings and create your bill of materials.

If you are serious about doing woodwork and you are not already familiar with "Sketchup",

then I recommend you go online to the Sketchup website and download the free version of their drawing package. Set it up for "Woodworking Preferences". They have tons of video

training films and the more that you watch the more you will learn and drawing will be much easier. Also, their are professional training DVD's put out specifically for woodworking. Popular Woodworking Magazine is one of them.

Instruction in my shop is one on one and will cost you $25.00 per hour, with a 3 hour minimum per session. Evenings from 7 to 10 PM are best but must be arranged in advance.

You must commit to staying on your project until it is completed. You will be required to sign a statement declaring that if you go 30 days without advancing you project, it will be subject to completion and sale. In other words, if you don't show up regularly and finish your piece,

I will finish it and sell it and you get nothing but the experience that you gained.

If you are thinking about getting into this program please call me and we can discuss some of the other details regarding the instruction.