My cribbage boards are among the best available on the planet. They are all made from hardwoods (spalted maple shown). The size and thickness varies depending on the availability of the wood. All my boards have the clan name and clan crest badge inlaid. 2 desks of cards (red & blue Bicycle) and pegs for 3 players are included. If you want anything special carved into your board, just call me and we will design a board just for you.


Please call for pricing and to be sure that I know just how you want your order done.

e-mail:      (509) 994-5779


Piper's ashes urn in spalted maple. These are custom made with a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods. They have a capacity of over 200 cubic inches for the ashes of your loved one. I carve an oval with the name of your clan that is inlaid into the top. The oval also has a pewter or Sterling silver clan crest badge inlaid in it. In addition, I will further personalize this case with the name of the fallen who is contained therein if you so request

The Serenity Prayer is one of the most popular and beloved prayers in the world today. These beautiful wall hanging plaques are made from any wood, any size, any font and any border style that you want. Just call me and let me know what you would like and I will custom make your plaque just for you.



​Celtic Caseworks

These cases are finished with waterproof conversion varnish inside and out.

Amazing Grace by John Newton (1779) is the most popular spiritual hymn on our planet. It is estimated that this song is performed publicly

on the bagpipes alone over 20,000 times per year. One of the first tunes that every new piper learns to play is Amazing Grace. Shown above is an assembly of wall hanging plaques with the three most popular verses. I can carve any of the seven verses to this song but you need to call me and let me know what you want. I can make these in any wood you like just let me know what you want & I will tell you the availability.

Practice chanter case in spalted maple. These are beautiful cases machined of any hardwood available. The one shown has mitered spline joint corner joinery (other joinery is available - like dovetails, Isoloc, etc). The hardware is all brass including handle, latches and decorative corner protectors.


The chanter case is packed full of poly foam cubes that may be plucked out in 1" cubes so your chanters will fit snugly and safely inside. Several chanters may be stored in each of these cases.

Welcome to my Celtic Caseworks page.  This is where I show my new line of cases and other Celtic items that are for sale.  I will add items as they become available and remove them as they are sold so you will always have a current view of what is on hand and in stock.