I designed this collection for a small are of a family room just off the kitchen. The cooks desk was custom made for the customer along with the 2 little mantel shelves. The tall cabinet has a pantry in the bottom behind the pocket doors. The center section is the breakfast bar. It has a toaster and coffee maker behind pocket doors (shown open) with accessories on a U shelf. The wine rack above is cute.

Maple with a white conversion varnish finish was used for this one. The drawers under the hearth are functional for media storage.

This one is also in walnut with very clean lines. Simple but very elegant.

This one is in solid walnut. It has very clean lines.

Cherry was used for this piece.

This is a very simple mantle with fluted pedestals and a few appliques. The wood is eastern white maple with a clear coat.

Very simple but quite striking, this one is in white maple with a white conversion varnish finish.

This mantel is a quarter round with a 6" radius as are all of the corners in this job. Wood is natural maple with a clear coat. To see the entertainment center on the other side of the fireplace, go to my entertainment centers page.

This one is in red oak plain sawn.

This mantle shelf is above the cook top in the kitchen I featured in "Job of the Year".

It is done in maple with a faux finish with buff-thru accents. Corbels are Enkeboll.

This mantel was designed primarily by the homeowner and I built it exactly the way she wanted it. It was done in maple with a stain and clear coat. The appliques and corbels are Enkeboll.

This mantel system is done in africun mahogany with figured maple accents. The curved metal portion was fabricated first by Robert Savilla Nadon and I built what you see around it. It is quite long, 16" deep on the near end and only 4" deep on the far end. The gentle curve is quite striking.