This photo shows my newest toy at work carving a welcome sign. As you can see, the machine is currently carving the Staff of Asclepius in the center of the project.

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I am making these cribbage boards in all the different woods that are available. This one is in black locust.

This pattern is called "The Flower of Life (aka "The Seed of Life")

that was carved into a walnut plank that was 2-1/2" thick. The artists who designed this table top are Susan Jane Hall of One Source Design Studio and Robert Sevilla Naudon of 1819 Design Lab,  both of Spokane. The concept was to inlay copper in the 1/4" x 1/4" grooves in the pattern. I will post another photograph of it when it is complete.

I am the proud owner of a Shopmaster 4848 CNC machine.  It has a carving capacity of 48" x as long as I want because it is open ended and by tiling I can repeat carvings. It was custom made for me by Joseph Heath in Post Falls, Id. (707)290-0333 ( and he did a beautiful job. As you can see, the controller, monitor, keyboard and mouse are on board with the machine and also on wheels so it can easily be moved about the shop. I have carved some beautiful projects with this machine.

 If you would like a quotation for CNC work, please call me @ 509-466-7702 or e-mail me at Below are a few examples of work I have done with this machine.