The price of the block show above is $25 per set plus shipping. Order by e mail

to I will e-mail you an invoice through paypal. When payment is received I will ship the hangers.

This photo shows how I recess the keyhole hanger flush into the back of the hanger block. When tapped down over the screw head, the block will fit very tight to the wall. Adjusting this fit is as easy as turning the screw slightly one way or the other.

This hanger is designed to allow your quilt to be hung very close to the wall. The higher back area behind the rod seat will allow you to easily hang quilts in high places with an extension pole (see the article by Joy Frizzell at https://joysquiltz,

These are paint grade maple hanger blocks. They are finished with lacquer to seal the wood but are intended for you to paint them with your special color paint.

New Hanger Design

Available in natural oak, cherry, maple, hickory heart and paint grade maple.

This is the dry wall anchor and screw used to install the hanger to the wall. They are sold almost everywhere including the Home Depot. Each one is rated at 75 pounds

hanging weight. Each pair of hangers that you purchase from me are shipped with these anchors and screws with installation instructions. You do not need to find your studs to use these anchors. They screw directly into the drywall.

The quilt hangers shown above are just the first in a series of hangers that I am working on to help solve the problems that quilters are having when they attempt to hang their quilts. Please come back soon to see the new design that I am working on including a set that will allow the quilt to nearly touch the wall when hung.  Each design will be offered in sizes that are suitable for all the different curtain rod and closet pole options. More will be published here soon.

The finish on these is gloss lacquer. They cost 20.00 per pair and come with screws and anchors. E-mail me your order and I will send you an invoice through paypal.

These hangers are done in eastern white sugar maple but I will make yours in any wood you like. Just let me know what you want.

If you look closely, you will notice that these two hangers are bookmatched. That means they mirror each other. Notice how the grain and color of each hanger are the same. This kind of attention to detail is my trademark (whenever possible).

When the rod is in the cradle the back side of the pole is 1" from the wall.

‚ÄčQuilt Hangers

Below are some photographs of a new quilt hanging device I am manufacturing to solve some of the problems encountered by quilters.  My sister, Joy Frizzell in Boise, Idaho is a serious quilter.  She approached me with some ideas that she had to tackle a number of problems she was having when trying to properly hang a quilt.  Please read the article she has published on her blog.

This pair is in Hickory heartwood. Dimensions are 1 3/4 w x 6" high x 2 1/2" deep overall. The cradle has a 1 5/16" diameter and is designed for the 1 5/16"  Everbilt closet pole series sold by Home Depot. Lengths come 72" and 96". They have unfinished oak, white, chrome, bronze and brushed nickel with decorative end caps.