Another "Over-the-Post" system

            This is a Volute with a post and baluster cluster on a round starter step.

This  European "over-the-post system" system  has continuous handrail from the lower level newel post all the way up to the end of the system at the wall at the far end of the 3rd. floor balcony.

Power for the bronze figures was run to an outlet under the caps in each of the posts. To remove the figure one may pick up the piece, lift off the snug fitting cap and unplug the line cord from the figure.

Looking down to the 3rd. floor landing and foyer.

Third and 4th. level connections.

Looking down from the 4th. level.

   Another vies of the 3rd. to 4th. level connection.

This is the view from the foyer showing the third and 4th. floor detail.

This picture shows the starter post between the 2nd. and third levels. The center post is connected to the landing and supports the corner of the 3rd. level floor.

Looking down from the third floor landing you can see the complexity of the center post.

This photo shows the basement level. The center post in the foreground is 14 feet tall and goes all the way up through all levels and is the center of the system. It has handrail 5 handrail systems from 3 levels attached to it at precise locations in the frame and panel work. A system such as this has an extremely high degree of difficulty.

This shows tread and skirt detail done in the lower to 2nd floor level.

This system was designed and built for a 4 level home in Nine Mile Falls. All of the posts were custom made of northern red oak to fit this unusual application. This is called a "Post-to-Post" system.

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